"How will your horse know you are happy if you don´t give him any feedback?"

As a trainer there is a great responsibility for both horse and rider. It is extremely important to allow mistakes to happen, take time to reflect and constantly improve to become better than yesterday.
To me the most essential thing is to create a positive atmosphere full of respect, understanding and progress without asking too much at a time.
Depending on your wishes and personal goals we will find the right way of teaching and evolving while having fun and being focussed.
Last but not least, I encourage every student to transform into an independent rider that is self-conscious and knows why certain exercises are making sense and how to best use them to the advantage of the horse. It´s all about developing skills and techniques together and target the best possible result.

"Inspire your horse to be better than yesterday!"

Dressage Lessons

Dressage is the foundation of everything, classical or sportive! With the right training concept every horse and rider should be able to perform an advanced level of dressage and I support all my students to really understand why certain exercises are useful to solve a problem. Dressage is the ideal gymnastics ensuring the horse will stay fit and healthy with the ability to move with more elegance and power. In my lessons I am teaching all levels - from basic dressage for young horses and up to Grand Prix. Additionally, I also combine the work in hand to prepare for more collection and set the solid base for piaffe and passage. It doesn´t matter if you wish to compete in tournaments or ride for your own pleasure at home. I will help you to gain a refined understanding of a personalized training programme so that you can achieve the next step with your horse.

Working Equitation Lessons

For me Working Equitation is a fantastic discipline to bring joy, fun and focus to your training routine. It requires a very fine communication between horse and rider and is something special, super interesting, exciting and everything but boring. Together with your horse you have the opportunity to practice a wide range of exercises and combinations. You will recognize an immediate training effect as Working Equitation does not put limits on you in terms of learning potential and intuitive riding! To be successful in this discipline you do not need an expensive horse. Instead it takes a lot of dedication, effort and talent to cope with the ever changing setups and obstacles in the parcours. Through my own experience as a trainer and Working Equitation rider on international level I can ensure you with the best possible introduction as well as provide you with a precise training plan for competitions up to the highest level.

Online Lessons

Digital coaching has become a suitable alternative in my training offering - especially in the times of Covid a lot of riders started to train online with me using new technologies. This way I am able to offer you continuous support for your daily training despite big distances. As I am traveling a lot I am happy to use the available time between my clinics to review your current performance and give tips on the further training plan until we meet again face-to-face. To set up an online lesson is very easy! All you need is: a mobile phone with video call function (Facetime or WhatsApp), a bluetooth headset and a friend that films you - done. If you are interested in an online lesson with me let´s talk ideas!