Hello, my name is Nuno! I am a professional rider and trainer for Dressage and Working Equitation.

Over the past years I have done multiple trainings and competitions and I am very satisfied of what I have achieved in my career so far:
          • In 2001 I accomplished my license for the Portuguese FN as rider and riding instructor at the Portuguese national stud Coudelaria de Alter with equivalence to the national FEI trainer license.

          • In 2012 and 2013 I became Portuguese national champion in Working Equitation as well as performed remarkable results in dressage tests up to Prix St. George level.

          • In the Working Equitation European Cup in Italy in 2013 and the Working Equitation World Cup in 2014 I was rider of the Portuguese national  team and won gold with my team and bronze individual on both competitions.

          • In 2016 I was the national trainer of the Danish Working Equitation team and supported them in their debut in international competitions resulting in a fantastic fourth place during the World Championships in the same year (out of nine participating countries).

          • In 2018 I was the national trainer of the German Working Equitation team and made them win the World Championships as team (first time ever in history that Portugal did not win).

          • Most recently, I am striving to become a better rider and trainer myself and began to train with Mr. Klaus and Ms. Anabel Balkenhol.

          • In 2020 my Dutch student Eline van Koningsveld-Baerts made it from Prix St. George to Grand Prix level in only one year.

          • In 2021 Ton Duivenvoorden  won the title of National Dutch Championship in Working Equitation for the fith time.
Besides all of these important milestones I have ever since been lucky to train countless friends with their horses to motivate each one of them to reach their goals and make happy faces wherever I go.

"The goal of our riding is that our horses
enjoy being ridden as much as we do."